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About Us

The short answer: we are online marketing experts in Austin, Texas. With years of digital marketing experience for large and small companies, we can bring you support tailored to your exact needs.

The long(-er) answer: we are online marketing experts who have a passion for working with interesting business and helping them to succeed. We love to row crew on Town Lake, BBQ a great steak, swim in Barton every chance we get, kick a soccer ball at Zilker, and to help businesses reach their potential. Even if you are just unsure about how to best proceed with your e-marketing, feel free to reach out to us.

Our Core Services

For most businesses, digital marketing is centered around:

Because of this, we consider these to be our core competencies and primary value-add for most clients. Our team is led by individuals with AdWords Certification from Google, has worked with PPC accounts with over $1M annual spend, and provides SEO support for universities among other clients. We are confident that we can bring you the expertise that you expect for a project of any scale.

Additional Services Offered

We do also have extensive experience with all of the following services, which many of our clients find helpful to reach their specific online marketing goals:

Many of our clients have found these services to be helpful in the growth of their business beyond SEO and PPC alone. One of the biggest advantages offered by Digital Diameter is our team's in-depth knowledge of each of these marketing types. Whether all of the services are directly managed by our team, or we are working with specialists you have added to your own team, this understanding can help us to help you.

Party / Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes, the synergies between different types of marketing are unclear, but in many cases, different types of marketing can work well in combination to benefit each other. Here are just a few examples of how understanding multiple types of marketing can benefits clients:

If you are interested in a dynamic, hands-on approach to your digital marketing needs, you are in the right place. With so many great opportunities, this type of marketing can be a bit overwhelming. Contact us today and have your questions answered.

We love to help!

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