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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing is often the single fastest way to get in front of potential customers as they search for related terms. This type of marketing offers a high level of control over who sees your ads, what they say, and what you are willing to pay for a visitor to your website.

Tip: You should consider PPC if you are interested in fast, ongoing results.

Using our experience, we work with you to understand your business as well as to correctly size and build a campaign. Setting up and discovering which ads and keywords work best for you can take some time, but once the accounts are dialed in, you often find that you have a great deal of insight into your return on investment and can create a stable and profitable source of ongoing business.

Competitors, changing business goals, holidays and other seasonal differences can mean that you need to adjust your account. Ongoing management by experts can help you to maintain the profitability of the account and even increase the reach and return of your efforts as your account accumulates more data to guide our efforts. If you are considering pay-per-click for your business, let us know. We are happy to share our thoughts on how this type of advertising may benefit your specific situation and goals.

For our long-term clients, Digital Diameter offers discounts as you start your PPC account rather than additional charges as many companies do for setup and the additional effort of collecting data as you start a campaign. This allows us to more clearly determine profitability, scale the monthly budget and account for your needs, and is just one more example of how we create a relationship designed to help you reach your long-term objectives.

Steps to PPC Success

  1. Familiarize ourselves with your business objectives, and important metrics such as value per purchase.
  2. Determine a starting "test" budget.
  3. Research keyword search traffic and competition.
  4. Build a PPC campaign.
  5. Begin campaign with a focus on collecting data.
  6. Adjust campaign to the data & coordinate with client on scale and changes.
  7. Dial in campaign further as needed to accommodate changes and manage on an ongoing basis.

Why is Ongoing Management Recommended?

While starting a PPC campaign is often the most involved and talked-about part of the process, ongoing adjustments are often what really makes a campaign over the long term. Changes to a profitable campaign can be made to further maximize profit, adjust to a changing business need, accommodate a changing budget, adapt to seasonal changes, react to changes made by your competition, introduce new products, and to seek out new opportunities which may arise in the ever changing landscape of pay-per-click.

Pay Per Click On Bing

While it varies by topic, it is well known that Google has the lion's share of search traffic in the U.S. However, Bing has been gaining ground and still offers 8% to 12% of search traffic. In some cases traffic from Bing can be more cost effective and can actually be more valuable to business owners.

For many campaigns, we also include marketing on Bing Ads as well as Google's pay-per-click AdWords platform.

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